Vodafone To Let Content Companies Charge Fixed Price; Data Transfer Charges Bundled

This is a particularly important move in a country like UK, where data transfer bundles are not that common (compared to say U.S.): Vodafone is going to allow content providers to charge a fixed price from the consumer on any content sold, and users won’t have to worry about separate data transfer charges for any content they have downloaded.
The model basically lets media owners and brands cover the data traffic costs to consumers of downloading content, and remove consumer fears over the final price they will be charged.
Voda is already traillaing the service, which works like this: Vodafone zero-rates a URL so that consumers don’t pay to access content. If content providers have a fixed-size product, that’s always 1Mb, say, then Vodafone takes a cut of the revenue share. The alternative is for the operator to charge per megabyte.