Summus Becomes Oasys Mobile, Unveils Mobile Locker

Oasys Mobile LogoSummus is no more…the website now redirects to the new name, Oasys Mobile. The name and image change are part of its aim to target 12-24 year-olds. In November Summus posted revenue losses and said it was working on a new portal strategy, and this is it: Mobile Locker.
Mobile locker keeps user content on its server, allowing consumers to move their content between the server and the handset. This is good for consumers because it answers the biggest question about mobile content — why do I have to lose it when I upgrade my handset? Obviously with Mobile Locker you don’t, you can just load it onto your new handset. The other benefit is you can have a lot more mobile content than will actually fit on your handset. It’s also good for Oasys Mobile because it keeps customers loyal — they’ll come back to the site. There are still some issues, of course — if the handset you upgrade to isn’t compatible with the content of the old one it’s useless anyway — a one-for-one exact replacement scheme where users could trade in their Motorola games and get the equivalent Nokia ones (or whatever) would be a good thing.
Oasys Mobile has a subscription plan (3 new ringtones and 3 new wallpapers per month for $7.99) but also provides the locker for people making individual purchases.
Oasys also allows people with select handset to sync their contacts, and plans to allow people the ability to store digital pictures from a camera phone, text message conversations and blog entries in the virtual locker.
At the moment the service works on Cingular, Sprint and T-Mobile.
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