Dabble Dabble

Update: Mark Sigal has an excellent comment about Dabble. He runs vSocial, a video service I prefer over You Tube. Pete Cashmore, Heather Green and Anne 2.0 are extending the conversation.

It has been a busy week already! I have been furiously reporting for my next story for the magazine. Somedays it is a challenge to switch gears from reporting for a trend piece to blogging. I have fallen behind on some of the broadband stuff, but hopefully will catch up by end of the week. Today it was particularly packed, and when Mary Hodder, called to see if I wanted to meet for a cup-of-tea, I jumped at the opportunity. Pestering her about her new start-up, I nagged here into giving me a quick peak at her start-up, Dabble’s core-product.

In less than six months, Hodder has put together a nice little service which will allow users to bookmark videos from different video services in one place. I would like to call them videomarks. I have known that Mary has been working on her new start-up for six months, and raised angel funding from the likes of Evan “Odeo” Williams and Mark Pincus. But I was surprised by the progress she has made, and how polished the product looked.

Essentially you sign-up for the service and create a personal page, where you can aggregate videos you like from anywhere on the web. Dabble gives you a little script-let that creates a quick tag in the bookmark bar of your browser. See a video you like, say on You Tube or vSocial or Veoh, you hit Dabble It, and the video link is added to your video playlist. You can tag it, create micro-playlists and share it amongst your friend. Pretty much like you do on Flickr. When you want to watch a video, Dabble screen is split into two frames, and the second frame takes you to the page where the video is hosted.

Mary’s company, in other words, wants to act as an online video aggregator. Given that there are 90+ online video hosting services out there, something like Dabble clearly is needed. Its like video-remixing without much effort. Mary says she has cut a deal with 20 companies and is getting the meta-information about the videos directly into Dabble’s systems. Sort of like CDDB of online videos. I have not played around with the product which is still in an alpha, so all impressions are based on a 20-minute demo. So treat it this way. I would leave others who are more wise in the ways of online video to give their opinion.

As for me, the aftermath of Nick Denton’s latest blog, ValleyWag launch, and a high-octane conversation with Spot-On founder Chris Nolan, which told me that she had raised her Series A funding, I am pooped. Nolan, did not dish the dirt on her funding. I bet we will read about it soon on her blog. If you don’t see anything new from me for a bit, you know why.