The Toy Stories … Aibo and Furby

Sony has decided that AIBO the Robot Dog needs to go to dog heaven to play with other pooches. Jeff Pulver must be quite upset. Maybe eBay can make AIBO item of the day? Anyway those looking for new toys, will have to wait for u Gobe to come up with something. Silicon Beat reports that toy inventor Caleb Chung, the creator of Furby and Gordon Radley of Lucas Films have started this toy company. In true Silicon Valley vapor ware fashion, uGobe the claim of CC being an inventor of Furby might not be true. An old CNN transcript says the inventor of Furby is Dave Hampton, who after coming up with the idea met with”toy maker Roger Schiffman of Tiger Electronics.” Rest is history – not a pleasant one from those who are sans tots, spouses and enjoy a narcissistic lifestyle.