Two Dot Roundup

By Jackson West

Does Google want turn a PSP into a VoWifi device? The platform has a strong homebrew community, software is changing how devices handle protocol switching, voice carriers making EV-DO moves, and the Earthlink deal to blanket Philly progressing smoothly, Google’s interests in ad targeting, moves in personalized search and mobility would seem to beg for such highly converged devices .. As someone who’s played in a Telnet MUD, I could argue that the oldest social applications are network games.

Joi Ito has been playing World of Warcraft with some fellow Valley entrepreneurs, referencing it as “the new golf.” But because of the server setup, his game experience just go a lot more complicated — he wishes Blizzard didn’t scale using ‘sharded’ servers. They could try a new architecture built around virtualization, as VMware now offers a free version of it’s software to counter its open-source competition. Blizzard’s other issue of social scale is the political realities of such a broad user base, with in-game, same-sex marriage now an issue and Lambda Legal suing .

37 Signals invites you help test Campfire, their new enterprise chat play.

Anil Dash has a few hundred choice words about a an anti-Craigslist screed in the Bay Guardian, which is a war print can’t win .

Ning responds to Michael Arrington by releasing a bunch of new features instead of dying .

83 Degrees previews 30 Boxes for Bay Area digerati. (GigaOM Review!)

Jeff Nolan finds a solution for tagging behind firewalls

and Evan Williams chuckles over qwerky, who log goofy web application names.

Ed: Jackson West, when not writing for SFist and a whole slew of other sites, will be helping out with coverage of Web 2.0 stuff. I need to refocus more on broadband related developments, and just don’t have the time to do it all. More than that, I just find his writing zestful and enjoyable. We need that on the Internets. I hope you all will join me in welcoming him to GigaOm, and offer constructive feedback for improvements.