Two Dot Roundup

By Jackson West

Poor Paul Allen — always the bridesmaid, never the bride. The Steelers won by exploiting the vulnerabilities in the Seahawks operating system with a defensive denial of service attack. Though the ‘Hawks often crashed on their own, with their executables throwing exceptions like offensive pass interference. Maybe Bill can buy up all the Steelers and integrate their best features into Paul’s product. Seahawks fans can revive their testosterone a bit with this too-hot-for-TV ad from Godaddy.

AOL and Yahoo have decided to team up against network neutrality by creating a pay-for-play whitelist. While they say it’s to deter spammers, really it’s just a vig on the spammers action. Look for more penis enlargement offers routed to your inbox instead of the bulk folders. Perspectives from Nicholas Carr and Danah Boyd.

Susan Mernit pulls a recent Esther Dyson quote saying “The most interesting platform isn’t the internet, it’s the cellphone.” (Welcome to the party!!) In the link above, Danah Boyd points out that new messaging systems are beating email amongst younger users, and also shares a story about meeting an old friend thanks to Dodgeball. Though location-awareness can have it’s downsides — Guardian UK reporter Ben Goldacre stalks his girlfriend with World Tracker [via], which lets anyone in the world track a GSM phone for free.

Don’t look in old copies of Wired for business ideas — check out the world of DIY: Skype payphones, Instant Messenger bots and Flickr-enabled photo booths .. In the aggregator space, tips for leveraging traffic from a hit by digg, and Eran Globen wonders how the Memorandum-clone madness will end .. JibJab to start new social networking service, and we want whatever their consultant on that is smoking .. and producer-director James Cameron muses on integrating multiplayer gaming and movies.

Ed: Jackson West, writes for SFist. He will help me with the Web 2.0coverage.