Feedburner To Get Additional Funding From Union Square Ventures

Updated: Feedburner, the RSS metrics and management company, is closing another round of funding, and should happen as soon as today. The funding in this round is from Union Square Ventures, the new-ish VC firm which has been investing in a bunch of Web 2.0-type companies of late.

The new funding round was mentioned today by Brad Burnham, managing partner, USV, in a panel at the Digital Media Dealmakers conference today. USV passed on the investment last year, when Feedburner closed on a $7 million funding round. USV changed its mind after watching Feedburner grow and convinced them to take additional money, as Burnham described.

Feedburner has been among the few RSS management and metrics firms which have stayed focused on the sector. It has branched out into analytics where now that it manages a large number of feeds, as well as had all major RSS newsreaders reporting into them, it can capitalize on the bigger analytics pie a la ComScore and others.

Update: Feedburner co-founder Dick Costelo writes on the official blog that the company has raised a total of $10 million. Given the $7 million that started the B round and the million or so we believe they had raised prior to that, that would put the USV portion in the $1-2 million range. Fred Wilson acknowledged the investment because “the news started leaking out today” here. He says it’s not a typical investment given that Feedburner didn’t really need an additional investor but “we both decided it made sense for Union Square Ventures to be involved in the Company and so we made it happen.”


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