Slingbox Hating Has Begun

It is an all familiar story – a new disruptive technology comes to market, and the established players start to get hot under the collar. TiVo’s time shifting technology was met with “this is not good” for the industry skepticism from television networks. Now it is the turn of Slingbox, which is pushing the concept of ‘place-shifting.’ It has generally been met with praise from most, and has garnered big money investments from the likes of Charlie Ergen and John Malone. Capitol Broadcasting President Jim Goodmon, however, thinks that Slingbox is illegal.

Goodmon suspects the Slingbox violates program copyright laws — and maybe retransmission-consent agreements — by enabling out-of-market viewing of network and syndicated content. “I have a deal with the cable system,” he says, “and they have retransmission consent for the cable system in this market. They don’t have it for everyplace else. They can’t do that; there’s no way that’s legal.”

The man has limited thinking powers – first of all he should be happy people want to watch “the content” from his channels, and that also includes advertisement from which he makes money. Secondly, it is as illegal as me taping a program, going across the country and watching the same show on my friend’s VCR. Anyway we should expect more of this mud-Slinging in coming days.

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