Speakeasy Says No FoN Deal

Speakeasy, the Seattle-based high-speed Internet Services Company says that it has no deal with FoN, the hot new start-up, and is now looking to take a legal recourse against them. FoN had announced a $21.7 million in funding from Google, Skype, Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures yesterday. Glenn Fleishman has all the details on his blog. Seems to me that FoN made a bone-headed move on day one of their very public life.

“FON has falsely announced that they have reached an agreement with Speakeasy regarding support of FON’s wireless product. This is 100% completely false. No relationship, financial or otherwise, exists between Speakeasy and FON. In fact, Speakeasy was the first to pro-actively support wireless broadband sharing amongst its subscribers many years ago. Indeed, FON’s product appears to be built on a premise Speakeasy introduced in 2003 called NetShare which involves individual revenue-sharing agreements among wireless users …We are currently involving legal counsel to demand a retraction from FON regarding their misleading announcement.”

“A senior representative from FON did connect with Speakeasy’s CEO in late 2005 and they discussed their companies and general business practices within a 10-minute phone call; the FON contact also indicated that they might want to set up a meeting with Speakeasy if their (FON’s) travels brought them to the U.S. No other contact has occurred since this brief phone conversation,” adds Lynn Brackpool, Speakeasy spokesperson.

This just an from Speakeasy: “We have contacted FON and they too understand that no implicit agreement exists between Speakeasy and them in terms of their service. We are satisfied with their response and do not plan to pursue any legal recourse.”

Wi-Fi Networking News: Speakeasy Says No Deal with Fon.

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