Tablet PC Actually Works

All my Mac friends are going to have an heart attack, because I an about to say something even I did not expect myself to say: I like Tablet PC! (Whew… that took some effort!)

I just received a Lenovo X41 ThinkPad and have been playing around with it for about two days. I started taking notes on X41 instead of my Ruled Notebook. My good old Parker pen is crying because I have been ignoring it for over 48 hours. Thanks to Activewords, Feed Demon and BlogJet, I have been able to do all the familiar tasks with remarkable ease. I have clean handwriting, so Tablet PC actually worked better than expected for me. (Full review coming soon!)

Despite the WindowsXP, I found myself liking the new Tablet PC, and got a sense that a week into using this device, well, one could be addicted. Does anyone else agree that Tablet PC is one of the more innovative efforts of Microsoft. Perhaps, it being Chairman Bill’s pet project helps.

Does that mean I will give up on my Power Book? Not likely.

Or in the words of Charleston Heston, you will have to pry it away from my cold dead hands. But if I did decide to switch to Windows, well X41 will be my pick. I do have to reluctantly admit, I will be less resistant to checking out Windows-only Apps. That it up until the day when Apple introduces its own Tablet. Then all bets are off!