BitTorrent does legal P2P with NTL

ntl, a UK-based cable broadband company is teaming up with BitTorrent and Cachelogic to conduct a technical trial to evaluate ultra high-speed, legal video downloads in the UK. The trial download service will feature a large amount of licensed broadcast quality video content including popular movies, music videos and television programmes. As part of the trial, Cachelogic’s P2P content cache devices will be deployed in ntl network and will accelerate delivery of the content. BitTorrent client will be used for distribution. If this works, this could have huge implications for legal video distribution. This will also help legitimize BitTorrent, and give a big leg-up to company’s plans to distribute legal content. Clearly media players are beginning to realize that P2P is not going away, and trying to harness the technology’s potential to meet their own ends. Recently Time Warner (Germany) and AOL announced plans to tap P2P for video distribution.