Video iPod Makes IPTV A Non Starter?

A few months back, I had posted that instead of IPTV (the telco version of television streamed to your television), the downloadable television, despite being a dark horse, could upset the whole video ecosystem. And that was before Steve Jobs released video iPod, and did the Pixar deal to get closer to the glitterati. Thomas Nolle, writing for Network World says, “Steve Jobs took a giant step toward making IPTV a non-issue when he announced the Video iPod…..If consumers want portable, personalized, video experiences, will their as-I-want-it attitude carry over into their home-viewing patterns?”

What’s your take on this debate? You really think video iPod is a game changer? Or just another adjunct device for television as we know it?

Bonus Link: Light Reading report on FCC’s debate over video franchises held recently in Texas.

Walt Mossberg puts various video devices not video iPod under the microscope.