Measure Maps Hooks Up With Google

…. this just in…. there are rumors flying around that Adaptive Path is going to spin out its blog measurement service Measure Maps. …. hot tip… going to Google? Confirmed… it is with Google. Jeff Veen has posted on the Google blog about the deal.

I had known that something was in the works for a while but only now can say this. Five folks from Adaptive Path are now joining the Borg. Hopefully, Google’s resources will improve the performance of MM because till recently it has sucked wind and shows all sorts of weird data. Discounted that because of alpha status, but now I would expect them to improve. tracking my readers.

Update: Sucks Wind= Slow. Not bad service so as to not cause confusion. Also, just noticed Google is damn selective in its link back policy. My trackback did not show up. What’s up with that!