MySpace-d Out

Playboy’s Girls of MySpace, sexual predators and other crimes have tarnished have descended on MySpace like a flock of hungry vultures. The social networking site which has spawned many a few imitators is dealing with a whole lot of analog problems; problems sadly most social networks will have to face up-to in months and years to come. The Wall Street Journal looks into MySpace, and how it ended up with these headaches.

Robert Young, a guest columnist who is fast becoming our resident “MySpace” sage over at GigaOM wrote about all these issues in his provocative essay, Sex, Crimes and MySpace nearly a week ago. News Corp, the parent of MySpace, has responded quite quickly, and its efforts are laudable. “News Corp. plans to appoint a “safety czar” to oversee the site, launch an education campaign that may include letters to schools and public-service announcements to encourage children not to reveal their contact information,” writes the Journal.