Origami What?

The memetrackers are buzzing with this new device being planned by Microsoft, code-named Origami Project. Microsoft’s new toy that will change everything comes out later this week, but the buzz around it is as loud as an Aerosmith concert. Even The New York Times has gotten in on the action.

Intel has been working on multimedia tablet-style PC’s running Windows for some time. One prototype, called Ruby, was shown to some industry analysts last year. According to one analyst who saw Ruby, it was about the size of the device in the Digital Kitchen video.

I just saw the video, checked out the photographs and came to this conclusion – it just might be a thinner, smaller and simpler Tablet PC optimized for multimedia and communications functions, much like Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Nokia 770 in my opinion, is a good idea (though severely underpowered) especially since we are living in an ever connected world. On that note, don’t you think Palm missed an opportunity. They were messing around with Lifedrives, when they should have been working on a proper, nice Internet mini-tablet, that was light weight and could handle a lot of multimedia functions. Given their developer community, it would have been a good direction to take. Missed opportunities…..