Microsoft Buys Personal Content Organizer Onfolio

Microsoft has acquired Onfolio, a Cambridge, MA-based company, which offers a tool that lets people clip and save text content and links from the Web, as well as read RSS feeds etc. Financial terms weren’t disclosed. Microsoft says it has incorporated the technology into a new version of its toolbar, Windows Live Toolbar, which also is due to be released tomorrow.

Content collections through Onfolio can be organized and annotated with research notes, flags, keywords, highlighting and more.

One thing which the release or the stories didn’t mention: MSFT also got some formidable talent in Onfolio founder JJ Allaire, as a result of this acquisition. He was the founder of Allaire Corp. and creator of its flagship product ColdFusion (like his brother Jeremy Allaire, who is now the CEO of Brightcove)

Also tomorrow, MSFT plans to issue a preliminary version of Windows Live Search, which has a new design and extra features.