The N and Noggin : Sr. Dr/VP Marketing, Brand Communications, NYC

The N, the nighttime network for teens, is a programming arm of MTV Networks and is currently available in 46 million households via cable, digital cable and satellite television and online at The N’s mission is to be the authentic voice for teens and help them figure out their lives with relevant, topical programming including Teen Choice Award and Critic’s Choice Award winner DEGRASSI, SOUTH OF NOWHERE, INSTANT STAR and O’GRADY. The N airs everyday from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. (ET). The N and all related

NOGGIN is the only commercial-free educational channel dedicated to preschoolers 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Available on digital cable and satellite, NOGGIN offers kids’ favorite educational shows, like Blue’s Clues and Sesame Street, along with new original series like Oobi and Jack’s Big Music Show. NOGGIN’s interactive games on TV and online will stimulate, challenge and engage your kids at every turn. NOGGIN. It’s Like Preschool on TV! And Online!

— A leader who can boost the fame, enhance the reputation, and increase the viewer-ship of each network, and who can deliver business results today while developing brand status over time.

–A marketing thinker and leader who can combine audience understanding with programming knowledge, media savvy and creative insight to build the brand and help shape the future of The N and NOGGIN.

–A cause-related marketing thinker and leader who can strategically leverage appropriate relationships to protect and enhance the company’s business interests and reputation.
This role is about understanding our viewer/user through study and research (finding a story), understanding our business (challenges, advantages, brand values), unearthing key insights and making sound recommendations (based on these insights) – that will shape our brands’ world of tomorrow.
Key Characteristics:

–Relentless and infectious passion: Someone who understands and feels impassioned about the role of marketing to the company (brand and business) and who can convey this to their colleagues to influence their thinking and create a marketing-driven agenda. Someone who is always looking for the next branding and promotional opportunity, and who inspires the same hunger in others. Someone who inspires sister groups to help fulfill and round out the brand marketing agenda.

–Curiosity: Someone who is curious about people and why they/think/feel they way they do; someone who accepts nothing at face value and challenges assumptions until the whole picture makes sense (qualitative/quantitative research, competitor’s information, etc.).

–Expertise: someone who can critique vendor/partner recommendations (advertising, event marketing, new media), who is up to date on current brand and marketing thinking and has a POV on it, who can determine how to evaluate success of every initiative and who can assess and continually improve ROI, who can increase the value of our investment in marketing and cause-related activity, who can create and execute a killer annual marketing plan.

–Concept and Strategy: Someone that is able to clearly identify problems (root cause), detailed enough to look at a problem dimensionally without losing sight of the big picture, and intuitive about people and brands.

–Information & Stats: Someone that understands meaning in numbers & can draw insightful conclusions. Who knows what questions to ask of whom and when to determine if business goals are being met in terms of return on investment and on objective.

–Championing creative: Someone that understands how to inspire creative thought, design and product creation, and who creates the right environment (good brief, good feedback) for creative staff to produce their best work. Someone who aspires to win creative awards across all our work, and who searches out the most original and creative partners with whom to work. Someone who places a premium on originality and innovation in everything that we do.

–Speaker/Presenter: Someone who can position a point of view coherently and concisely and is able to speak authoritatively without seeming inflexible.

–Team Player: Someone that values the inputs of others; knows when to push and when to relax. Someone who prioritizes talent development within their own team, who motivates a high performing team and increases its effectiveness and efficiency, and who provides clear direction to allow their team members to flourish. Someone who nurtures diversity of approach and style across the team.

–Great personality: Flexible, personable, assertive, and participatory.

Is responsible for:

— Co-authoring the annual brand and cause-related marketing strategy.

— Creating and delivering the annual brand and cause-related marketing plan.

— Managing the annual marketing and cause-related marketing budgets.

— Creating original branded premiums and materials, adapting on air materials for marketing purposes where necessary.

— Briefing and developing plans with our media agency/agencies of record.

— Creating programs that make sense with on air, online, AS & M, press and promotions marketing activity.

— Evaluating activity against ratings and awareness goals.

— Managing viewer services.

— Ensuring that other LOBs with MTV Networks understand and are informed on current marketing thinking and activity.

— Managing and developing the marketing and cause-related activity team.

Required Qualification/Skills:

Essential experience/considerations:

— Proven track record in brand marketing – responsibility for smart strategy, great creative, brilliant ideas, analysis of results.

— Understanding of all elements of advertising mix – media planning and buying across all platforms including digital.

— Understanding of all elements of non-traditional marketing, digital and otherwise.

— Expert people manager.

— Higher degree or equivalent and at least 7 years marketing experience.

— Appreciation of Viacom values of creative excellence: reinvention: diversity and inclusion: and social commitment and ethics.

Reporting Structure:

— Reports into Senior Vice President Brand Communications The N/NOGGIN

— Team: Director brand marketing, coordinator brand marketing (group assistant, brand communications)

MTV Networks is an equal opportunity employer. EOE/M/F/D/AAP. Qualified Applicants should read full job description and apply directly at:

In addition, you may email resumes with cover note to Digital Media Recruiter – [email protected]