Six Apart Buys Splash Blog

Updated: Another day, another acquisition. Six Apart has acquired mobile blogging software company Splash Data, that makes Splash Blog for an undisclosed amount of money. I have been able to confirm it. The news of the deal first showed up here.
I had written a column about this for Business 2.0, and had pointed out that the greatest opportunity is in helping get consumers off their cellphones and onto their websites or computers.
Nokia’s Lifeblog is one such application, but is limited to the Series 60/S60 phones. (They have updated it to Lifeblog 2.0) By acquiring Splash Data and thus Splash Blog, Six Apart can now expand their footprint to non-Nokia devices. I have used the Splash Blog software on T-Mobile MDA and Cingular 8125 Pocket PC phones, and have been pretty happy with the ease of use. It works best with a Treo. I think this will also help Six Apart make a breakthrough with the cellular phone companies, and get more mainstream users as their customers. It is one of those strategic moves, I think more companies should be thinking about.
Another company which is making mobile photo life easier is PixPulse, a tiny start-up that is growing like weeds do after a monsoon. I am sure there are more, but frankly I am not up on the latest plays in this space. As an aside, when we hosted our Next Net Roundtable last week, one thing which was clear that most Web 2.0 companies are very very desktop centric, and don’t think mobile, which in my opinion is a much larger opportunity.