The Quiet Before The VoN

This past week, a stormy one in this part of the country, saw me visit the Silicon Valley locales like Palo Alto, Sand Hill Road, and Mountain View, twice in three days. In addition to all that, I was busy finishing up stories, and what not. So this weekend is going to be much quieter, as I finish a piece for Business 2.0, and mentally brace myself for the next week, when Spring VoN kicks off in San Jose.
Andy Abramson is one of the people I am looking to catch up with, also with wonderful people he has written about. Of course, the new improved James Enck, will be in town, and there is a dinner in the works. And that’s not the end of it all. I just wonder where will be time to blog. I think this is the constant dilemma – when you are scrounging for information, the lack of time gets in the way of writing. If you are not-reporting, but offering an opinion, its easier. Sadly, no easy way out this next week.
Talking about conferences, I am going to be at Freedom 2 Connect conference organized by David Isenberg, though I am worried that Jim Crowe might beat me up for not so obvious reasons.
Dave Winer, whom I have not seen in three weeks (what’s up dave!) has a great post on the March 2006 conference season. Or as I like to call it March Madness. He delves into the politics of tech conferences, and how they are a velvet rope club. Dave, not known to mince words is at his finest in this latest polemic.