Telus Launches Mobile Music

Telus LogoCanadian operator Telus has launched a mobile music service with tracks from EMI Music, SonyBMG, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group.
“It costs $1.99 per track, plus a $0.50 download fee, and no additional data package is required. The customer gets two copies of the song: one from the phone, and one for the PC. Tune Tracker software lets users quickly identify favourite songs by holding the wireless phone close to a stereo speaker. If the song is part of the Telus Mobile Music catalogue, it can be immediately downloaded via a link on the phone’s display. Tune Tracker identification costs an additional $0.50 per song.”
CA$2.49 is about US$2.15 midway between Verizon and Sprint but still a lot higher than many observers think people will pay…the latest suggestion was US$1.25.