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@ PC Forum: The Buzz From There

KR-McClatchy: Stake At Risk

KR-McClatchy: It’s official: McClatchy To Acquire KR For $4.5 Billion Cash, Stock; Will Sell 12 KR Papers Including San Jose, Philly

Verisign Acquires Broadband Video Firm Kontiki For $62 Million; Forms VeriSign Broadband Content Services

Proposed French Law Could Cause Trouble For iTunes; More On French MPs And MP3s

Google Offers To Sell Full Online Book Access For Publishers

Guardian’s Ambitious Blog Commentary Project Commentisfree Launches Redesign Kicks In; More Emphasis On Personalization

Murdoch Mantra: Adapt Or Die

FIFA Lifts Restrictions On World Cup Digital Images

AOL-WB’s In2TV To Go Live Wednesday

Bachus’ Back As CEO Of Eastern Euro Gaming Firm Moving To LA

Comcast Trying To Acquire Disney’s 40 Percent Share Of E!: Report

Why Neopets Works As A Way To Reach Kids

Verizon’s Keller, TX Service Offers Glimpse Of IPTV Future

Sony’s Plea On PS3 Patent Verdict Turned Down

Pegasus Wireless To Acquire Maccontrol’s Digital Remote Control Tech

TVEyes Debuts Video Search That Indexes Spoken Word

New Head Of Metropolitan Opera Has Grand Digital Plans