Money Money Money

Apparently, it is raining cash in Silicon Valley.
John Battelle and the FM crew raised more cash from JP Morgan Partners, now knows as Panorama Capital. They are also investors in Vyatta, an open source router company I wrote about a few days ago, and recently switched offices from San Francisco to Sand Hill Road. Not sure if that really helps the deal flow, but sure does help the local real estate market. Sorry to digress. Congrats John… now lets get back to real work. (Disclosure: GigaOM is part of FM network, and so treat this as a house announcement.)
Woz and three others have raised $150 million for …. who the hell knows. These days when online polling fundings can get funded, why not $150 million in play money to invest in interesting technology. If this doesn’t a sign of a bubble, then what it…. press releases that start with Web 2.0.
Believe it or not, I was right. Six Apart has raised $12 million with Focus Ventures leading the round. The total capital raised by Six Apart: $23 million. Intel Capital and August Capital have also invested. Advice to Intel: spent your money on better chips, or else, AMD is really going to eat you for lunch.
Elsewhere, Sequoia Capital made a VoIP move, and invested $13.2 million in Sipera Systems along with Austin Ventures and STAR Ventures. Total funding-to-date for the Richardson, Texas company now stands at $19.5 million. Apparently, the VoIP security start-up will now try and grow its business from enterprise VoIP security into the wireless security space. This is yet another VoIP company to get VC dollars. Earlier this month, VoIP Logic, a hosted PBX-type start-up raised $1.25 million from 21Ventures.
Following Fox’s purchase of Newroo, Mark Evans aks… is this an IPO free boom? Not really Mark…. its like a sapling falling in the forest, no one….