Sony’s PlayStation 3 Launch Delayed Until November In Japan

Close on the heels of an adverse ruling at a US court over a patent infringement, Sony has delayed the launch of the PlayStation 3 by about six months to early November, due to some problems with a copy protection format for its Blu-ray high-definition DVD player. This is good news for Microsoft Corp., which launched its Xbox 360 launched in November 2005, and now will have an edge in advancing its market share in the $20-billion gaming console market.

A PS3 delay in Japan means Sony will have to go in for a simultaneous launch in North America in order to catch the lucrative holiday shopping season in the continent, something they have never done before, says another report. Failure to do so would give Xbox 360, which has had its own supply problems, a two-holiday season lead.

Update: More details at Cnet on new features promised for PS3, PSP, etc. Plans include an Xbox Live-like network called PlayStation Network Platform; could be offered free. PS3 games will only be on Blu-ray discs to combat piracy.


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