Sequoia goes Jajah over VoIP

For some odd reason, this one simply slipped under the radar. Sequoia Capital has invested in JaJah, an Austrian-VoIP start-up that wants to be what else: a Skype-killer. (Not that Skype needs any help – not when their client sucks up 95% of the CPU power on a MacBook and a PC.) I had mocked them previously, and ignored them because well, it was hard to take them seriously after they dropped phrases like “vision” and “ground breaking” and “pioneers” in every second line.
Of course, there was nothing they said on their site which made us even feel comfortable. So they added a blog, which actually helps with some information on the company. Of course I didn’t track them enough because frankly the low-cost dial-back number services doesn’t get me too excited. PC Magazine, is a tad skeptical of these guys. EULA and Privacy Policy is a bit hair raising.
Not that it mattered to investors like Sequoia. While surfing the Sequoia website for other reasons, I found Jajah on the list of the companies they had invested in. Haim Sadger of Sequoia Israel is the lead on this one, it seems, though there is no information on how much investment was made! After googling found that TJ and Euro:A:C had reported on this earlier this month, but none of us picked up on the news. They are now calling Sequoia’s Sand Hill Road digs as their headquarters, according to their website.