EA To Up R&D Investment, Aggressively Look At Acquisitions, Content Deals

In February, Electronic Arts Inc., the world’s biggest video game publisher, acquired Jamdat Mobile for $684 million and showed that it’s serious about mobile content. So what are its plans? In an interview to Reuters, Mitch Lasky, senior vice president of EA Mobile, said that the company’s “next play is to boost its investment in game development and other technology as well as to seek acquisitions and content deals both at home and abroad”. Lasky, who was attending the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California, said he has got free hand from his bosses to be very aggressive in his pursuit of growth. “We don’t need to be told twice,” he said.
That is some tough talking. EA Mobile plans to focus on Europe, where it’s a distant second to Gameloft, and in Asia, where it is yet to make a mark. Earlier at the conference, Lasky had talked about the poor quality of gaming content, so he is going to focus on R&D too, which, he says, is double of that of Jamdat.
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