Meet Ajax Write

Our good buddy, Michael “disruption is my middle name” Robertson is at it again. After taking on Vonage and Skype with SIPphone and Gizmo Project, he is now going after Microsoft’s cash-cow application, Microsoft Word, using a new online word processor called ajaxWrite. As if we don’t have enough of these ajaxy word processors! Still, in an email, Michael Robertson writes:

Remember all the ridiculous hype over the Google/Sun partnership which turned out to be a big pile of vaporware? Google will never be able to take OpenOffice and cram it into an ajax program – won’t happen. CAN’T happen. It’s like trying to turn a semi truck into a hybrid.

There is no registeration or anything of that sort. Go to the website, hit the “ajaxwrite’ button, a new window opens up, and while it looks like a cut rate wordprocessor, it gives you an interface that is remarkably familair – circa 1994. It works only with Firefox and well things Safari is just an old and tired browser. It is fast, I must say, and it can convert documents to and fram Microsoft Word format. You can also save your work as a PDF file.
I am not sure what the business model is, for there seems to be no ads or no obvious way of making money. But then that’s just how Robertson rolls, or rather rolls out his services.