Mobile TV Gives A New View Of Games

Screencap of ServiceCNet Australia has run a piece on the DVB-H trial for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games, it’s got the technical details and a quick review of the service. It also points out that there are some problems which may affect the deployment of the service.
“The technology is ready, said Rob Spaits, senior emerging technology specialist with Telstra, who believes the real obstacles to adoption will come from other quarters – particularly the government, which last week released a controversial digital TV policy that favours existing commercial networks and supports the regulation of upcoming IPTV services – a category that would technically include DVB-H. “The biggest hurdle to these services is going to be legislation,” he explains. “We’re hoping this trial will generate the sort of interest in the technology to ensure that when politicians look at legislation, they think about more than just digital TV.”
The TV companies in Australia have historically had undue influence on the government when it comes to new video technologies in the country…
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