Portals Or Bloatals?

Another week, another Podsession. This week, Niall and I ask the dreaded question: Are portals back in fashion? After all, despite what you may say, the launch of Google Finance, is the latest of many steps the search company has taken towards a full blown portal.
Niall liked the new Google Finance, especially the chart overlays and integration with other Google products. I found the new product lacking a few of my favorite features from Yahoo! Finance such as institutional holdings and insider trading. But also listen to why I was so negative on the GFinance.
A search company executive recently told Niall that Google averages 15 searches per user per month. A search engine can focus on growing its user base of searchers or increasing the number of searchers per user. The introduction of auxiliary features such as Google Finance add new launchpads of search activity across Google properties that results in highly targeted and high-revenue advertising.
Meanwhile, the new kids on the block, folks like Netvibes, (which received $1 million in funding this week) are turning the portal concept on its head. I would say, this week’s PodSession, is lively, and combative. The podcast is 19 minutes long, a 9 MB download.