3 UK Takes Citizen Journalism Via Mobile A Step Ahead With “24 Hours”

UK’s operator 3 is going a step ahead in its citizen journalism initiatve. In October, it had launched See Me TV, a service which enables users to take photos on their 3G cameraphones and share them with others and get paid 1p every time a clip is downloaded. The service has already seen more than a million downloads a month. It had also generated about $2 million revenues from this user generated mobile content. Now 3 is about to launch “24 Hours”, a citizen journalist initiative with the motto: “Break the news and spot celebs wherever you are and make money too.”
A Guardian writer tests the service and notes: “… we are only at the start of what may turn out to be a grassroots revolution. It is rare for the average person to witness a major incident, but there will be hundreds of others there with cameraphones at the ready. As phones become more powerful and easier to use…so will photo-journalism improve.”
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