Skype-Streamcast, Take Two

Earlier today, when I asked a smart attorney about the Skype-Streamcast fracas, aka the RICO suit, he said that most civil (RICO) suits are about three things – money, money, and money.
Well he was right, and now that Andy has finally gotten hold of the likely complaint filed by Streamcast Networks against Skype, that seems to be the point. (Ebay is not being sued, just to clarify!)

It reads as much like a Hollywood film treatment that needs to star Paul Newman as the attorney ala his roles in “The Verdict” or “Absence of Malice.”

At the core of the complaint is the FastTrack P2P technology, which went from Kazaa to Sharman and eventually ending up in Skype. StreamCast claims that it had the first dibs on this technology, which they say is part of Skype. Alec Saunders, calls the allegations stunning, and vocalizes the question that has been echoing in my mind: “The whole suit begs the question ‘How much, and how carefully, did EBay do their due diligence?'”
It is too complicated to explain, so why not just read the entire complaint for yourself. You can download the entire complaint documents from here and here. The quality is mediocre at its best, but you can still read it. We will wait for the final word, after the discovery process. It sure be nice to hear what folks from eBay/Skype have to say about all this.
I am going back to watching the Hustle on AMC. Good night all!