Trigger Happy?

Looks like we all went trigger happy this week – in the blogging sense of course.
Earlier this past week, there was word that nearly 60% of the Microsoft Vista was going to be rewritten, a move that caused a big furor. Now, if you stopped to think for even a few seconds, it seemed improbable, but the meme spread so fast, that it drove Scoble to a drink.
I am disappointed that Robert didn’t do a good job of writing about this issue, which is not the case when he has good news he shares with us!) He should really send Phil Sim a bottle of scotch, for doing his work.
And now this outrageous story about Steve Jobs selling 45% of his Apple holdings. Published in The Register, it is quickly becoming the “talk of the town.” Actually just like the Microsoft Vista Meme, headline doesn’t tell the story. Michael Parekh does a good job of explaining what’s what. And so does Apple Insider.

In order to meet his tax obligations on the 10M restricted shares, which vested this month, Jobs elected to net-share settle — essentially allowing Apple to withhold and pay to authorities the portion of the 10M shares that would meet his tax payment requirements.

And while on the topic, talk about not digging deep enough, did I blow it or what – and for that my apologies to the readers! Apparently, Michael Robertson’s Ajax Write online word processor is cashing in on the AJAX hype, even though it is a XUL application, as Alex Russell explains on his blog

This thing is appropriating the necessarily amorphous terminology of “Ajax” for an implementation that is directly at odds with why Ajax is an important technology. A XUL app being billed as “Ajax” is just as laughable as a Flex or XAML app suddenly growing the same moniker…… So I’m calling on Michael Robertson to do the right thing and rename this product. A quick check shows “” as still being available.