Akimbo’s Relevancy Factor Increases With MLB.com, HDNet Deals

Two interesting deals from Akimbo today:
HDNet: Subscribers of the Akimbo Service for Windows XP Media Center Edition will get some titles from the HDNet library — the first time Akimbo will offer broadband-delivered HD for viewing on monitors or HD sets. The details about what actually will be available is a little vague but HDNet features up to 20 hours of original HD programming every week including”HDNet World Report,” an interview show with Roy Firestone and a concert series. The net’s rights to shows like “Smallville” probably don’t include broadband distribution.Press release.
MLB.com: Through a limited-time offer, existing Akimbo Service subscribers and the first 5,000 new users will get a full season of baseball on demand — next-day condensed games, daily highlights and a library of full-length classic games. Subscribers can program games for overnight delivery. Press release.
— A free trial to the Akimbo Service for Media Center is available through the Online Spotlight area; it then runs $9.99 a month. Meanwhile, Akmibo has discounted its $199 150-hour set-tops to $69.99; the service is $9.99 a month or $199 lifetime.