Bluetooth Adopted For In-Home High Quality Video Transmission

Out of Finland, a report that major electronics firms belonging to the Bluetooth SIG and WiMedia Alliance have agreed on Bluetooth as the best way to move high-quality video between home devices. Instead of using wires, DVRs, TVs, PCs, phones could share video at higher speeds but with security.
They’re not talking about Bluetooth as we know it although it’s expected to work with the current format and will have similar 15-30 feet “one-room” range. But, relying on unlicensed radio spectrum above 6HHz, the new version should enable connections of 100 mbps and could be in prototype by 2Q07 with devices reaching consumers the following year.
Bluetooth SIG members include Agere, Ericsson, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia and Toshiba. Nokia and Microsoft also belong to WiMedia; other members include Sony, HP, Intel, Philips and Samsung.