Cool.Prepaid or Uncool.UnPaid

MVNOs are the new Macarena – before you learnt the steps, the damn thing was over. Especially, when you look at new comer, cool.Prepaid, a mobile virtual service that wanted to marry high-end Motorola phones like the RAZR with low-end monthly plans. That’s a match made in fiscal hell, but nevertheless these are the new go-go years so everything gets a chance under the sun.
Anyway the deal was only Motorola handsets would be given out with this service. Now Phonescoop is reporting that Motorola has backed out of the deal and has terminated its relationship with cool.Prepaid.

In addition to its handset troubles, Cool has not yet been able to deliver its SIM-only service, either at Sears or from its online store. Phone Scoop contacted Cool.Prepaid, but a spokesman was unable to share the MVNO’s current status or future plans.

Oh oh…. or as they say, uncool.unpaid. By the way, people you got to believe me that this MVNO madness is going to end very very badly. This is just the start!