A Quick 30Boxes Update

Its been a while since I wrote about 30 Boxes (read my review) and a lot has happened with one of my favorite online calendar apps. Narendra Rocherolle got married. The threat of Google Calendar became very real. 30 Boxes had a little hiccup due to transition to beefier servers.
Why? Because things are going well for the service. Seven weeks after the launch, they are doing about 130k page views a day. 30 Boxes has had 1.25 million user sessions, with each session lasting about nine minutes. “We have more than 35k registered users and 20% have been to the site in the last day” says Rocherolle. “The syndication of mini calendars on blogs and the likes is growing a very long tail of referrers.”
The best news – they are about to add iCal subscriptions, and are planning to open up their API so folks can write their own sync apps. But meanwhile for TV addicts, there is a brand new custom TV schedule feature, thanks to a mash-up with evokeTV. Narendra tells us how to add favorite TV shows to you 30 Boxes.
* Sign up with EvokeTV, make a schedule for the stuff you like, and you can choose new shows.
* Take the RSS feed for your Schedule from the EvokeTV, and copy the location
* Go to 30 Boxes, and in your settings click the “Web Stuff” and add paste the Evoke TV RSS link. Hit Add.
* That’s it. Shows info and small previews will appear on your calendar.