Big Shifts In Internet Usage

Believe it or not, MySpace is the new black, when it comes to Internet usage patterns. According to a report prepared by American Technology Research (based on comScore data,) the top four Internet sites – Yahoo, Microsoft, Time Warner and Google had 18% share of total page views and 34% of total minutes spent online. That’s down 4% in terms of total pages, and 2% in total minutes spent, from six months ago.
So who is the big winner? ATR’s Rob Sanderson points out that MySpace is the fastest growing property on the Internet, perhaps in Internet history and traffic now exceeds all but Yahoo. comScore data shows that MySpace had 37 million unique visitors in February ’06, up five-fold from a year ago.

FIM said last week they are talking to all the usual suspects in search and expect a deal within 45-days. FIM also mentioned other, non-obvious ways to monetize search but has no intention to take on the search leaders

“Monetization lags usage growth considerably, but management recently indicated revenue “doubling or tripling” sequentially,” Sanderson points out in a note he sent to his clients this morning,