Okay, someone at Apple HQ has a sick sense of humor.
Sick as in making people up north sick. The release of Boot Camp, a small application that allows you to install and use Windows XP on a Mac (running Intel chips of course) is proof that one should never ever believe what Apple says. After all for the longest time, the company issued half-hearted denials about no-interest in having Windows run on a Mac. Yeah right – that’s like saying that Steve Jobs has a wardrobe full of rainbow colored mock-neck sweaters.
Like Erick, even I think this could actually help the Mac market share a tad. But the bigger picture: this could turn the heat on PC makers to actually work on coming out with hardware that matches the coolness of a Mac. (For me personally, coolness has turned to serious hotness. MacBook Pro is near life threatening, in the future tense sort of a way!)
Pacific Crest Securities analyst Steve Lidberg thinks that Apple will make switching between WinXP and OS-X seamless in its forthcoming Leopard OS release. From a financial impact, Lidberg calculates that a 1% gain in the market share means 20 cents per share.
  Windows XP on Macbook Pro Originally uploaded by heavylift.