Vista Behind Apple Boot Camp Move?

Mark Stahlman, analyst with Carris & Company thinks that even though Apple’s Boot Camp move might look smart now, Apple will face a moment of truth once Microsoft Vista comes out. In a note this morning to his clients, Stahlman writes….

Just as Apple shifts to Intel’s NGMA (Next Generation Micro-Architecture) and releases the next version of its OS X (codenamed “Leopard”), Microsoft will be flooding the market with its long-awaited Vista operating system and rival computer vendors will be upstaging Apple’s Intel-based products with even better AMD-based systems. Microsoft Vista is likely to be viewed as a true competitor to OS X, for the first time closing the operating system gap.

What…. does the world worry about a company whose market share of the PC market isn’t even in the high single digits. I think from a stock stand point, he does have a point. Apple (like Google) is priced for perfection, and any hiccups will only get magnified. Of course, Mark also is the same analyst who made the siren call: GOOG 2000.