Texas Instruments CEO Upbeat About Indian Digital Market

Texas Instruments‘ India office was in news recently when they developed a single chip for mobile phones. Now they are betting big on the digitisation of content. Richard K Templeton, President & CEO, Texas Instruments, was in India and said this: “India has over one billion people who love TV, music, and communication. With content digitising and an impending explosion in electronics in India, I think we are set for exciting times ahead.”
He further noted that the Indian chip market is set to grow from, $3.6 billion today to $36 billion in a decade.
“In the coming years, there will be 10 electronic products for each one of us. Content is digitising. Formats are changing. The cellphone will be the primary form of communication and entertainment. Standards like digital video broadcast for handhelds (DVB-H ) will revolutionise the mobile phone as the key personal entertainment device.” according to Templeton. [More here]