Somebody’s Watching Me…

Our latest podsession is about location based services, and their impact on privacy. Though there is a lot of excitement about free wifi, nothing in the world is free, as we point out in this week’s podsession. We also look at the impact of LBS from mobile operators in this edition as well.
As Niall writes, “Is all this mobile tracking too close for comfort? Are there any applications we would like to provide with our location data in an on-demand or always-on format? Are you willing to give up information about your every click and your wireless location in exchange for free Internet access?”
The latest PodSession, You’re being watched – Geolocation and privacy is 12 minutes long, a 6 MB download.
PS: Earlier this week it was suggested that we should shorten the length of the podsession, and we have. What do you think? If this doesn’t make sense for you, we will switch back to out 20-minute format.