Webaroo and Web2Go

A few weeks back I wrote about Return of Rakesh Mathur and hinted at what his new company, Webaroo. Well, as cricket lovers like to say, the covers are off this one. My story on the start-up just went up on Business 2.0/ CNN Money website. The company has snagged a partnership with Acer, which is going to bundle the software with its laptops and eventually with its handheld computers.
The argument Mathur & Company make is that despite all the talk of always-on connectivity, the reality is very different. So just like you can pack your music collection to go, or carry your movies on your video iPod, why not the web. “What we are doing is giving you a connected experience in an offline form,” says Mathur, who is making a contrarian bet – that the price of storage will drop faster than broadband will spread.
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