Iceland, Broadband’s New King

Iceland has replaced South Korea with the highest broadband penetration, according to 2005 broadband statistics released by OECD. Iceland now has 26.7 subscribers per 100 inhabitants, ahead of Korea with 25.4, and Netherlands with 25.3. US has 16.8 broadband connections per 100 subscribers.
Actually in sheer numbers Iceland has 78017 subscribers while Korea has 12.19 million subscribers. US has 49.39 million broadband subscribers, and represent 31% of all broadband connections in the OECD.
Korea, is getting ready for fiber band it seems. In Korea, fibre-based broadband connections grew 52.4% during 2005, OECD data shows, while there was a net loss of DSL (-3.3%) and cable (-1.7%) subscribers during the year.