Is Mobile Voice Search Hot?

If you have tried to do search on non-qwerty mobile phones, then you are all too familiar with the frustrations that go along with it. Piper Jaffray projects the global mobile search revenues will generate $11 billion by 2008. While that number might seem a tad overoptimistic, the lure of the billions has most mobile search start-ups and many big companies looking for alternative ways to conduct mobile search.
Start-ups like 4INFO are using SMS for search. Others like PromptU are using voice-based search technologies, where you speak into the phones and the search results are sent back to your handset. Another company that is making a lot of waves in this space is San Diego-based V-Enable. The company showed off its search capabilities at CTIA and claims that it was getting 90% accurate results and was sending them back to the mobile phone in less than a second.
But will it be enough for these tiny tots to beat giants like Google, which just today filed a patent for a voice-based search technology.
What are your thoughts on mobile search and which technology would you bet on in the mobile search domain? Will Google be the Google of mobile or do you see an opportunity here for another vendor? Send me your feedback, and post comments.