Merger Mania Hits VoIP

What a week…. a wave of mergers has hit the VoIP space. First Comverse acquired Netcentrex for $164 million in what seems to be a move to round out its triple play portfolio.
Then Genesys, a division of Alcatel that makes contact/call center products acquired-rival and #2 player in the market, Toronto-based VoiceGenie, for an undisclosed amount of money. Genesys had acquired Brazilian GMK only a few weeks back. And today came the news that Skype, (yes Skype) is buying Sonorit Holding, a Norwegian speech processing technology start-up for $27 million.
Sonorit was started by the guys from Global IP Sound (GIPS), a Swedish company that has a near lock on the speech processing business in the Voice-over-the-Net market. GIPS has filed a lawsuit against Sonorit, Andy points out. Some speculate that Skype’s purchase is a move to reduce royalty payments to GIPS.
The common thread between these three deals: picks and shovels. While most are obsessing about the consumer facing VoIP services such as Sun Rocket and Vonage, the reality is that small fortunes are being made (and lost) in the boring sometimes mind-numbing under the hood stuff, that is called real technology.