Google Calendar Almost There

Someone who has been spoiled by 30Boxes and Zimbra’s calendaring application, Google Calendar looks pretty mundane. But main stream users looking for a simple web-based calendar that is easy to use, will Google Calendar, (announced earlier today,) capable of doing a good job.
Unlike previous Google releases, this one is visually more complete, though lags when it comes to features. The application is pretty snappy, and the ajax-technology has been put to good use. Google Calendar is the right kind of minimalism. Did they finally hire designers?
Creating an event was as simple as a clicking the time and date box, filling out the event details. You could share the event and also add more details by double clicking on the colored event box. I found the quick-add feature particularly useful. Type “coffee with Mike on Friday at 2 pm” and it just shows up at the right place at the right time. (30Boxes already has this feature, and was one of my favorite things about 30 Boxes.)
If you give Google your email address or mobile phone number, then you will get an email notification or an SMS. Otherwise wait for a pop-up. You can also have your daily agenda emailed every morning to you as well.
Mac users will find it particularly useful. You can subscribe to the calendar in iCal. In order to do so, you have to hit the “manage calendar” link, and then calendar details. There is an RSS feed and also an iCal subscription icon. Importing your ics file from your iCal is fairly routine as well.
It was rather simple. However, Mac users will find that it doesn’t work with Mac’s Safari browser. Apparently Google Calendar integrates with GMail, but since I stopped using Gmail, I have no idea about if this really works. You can judge it for yourself of course.