More on McClatchy’s Earnings: Online Adv Now 7 Percent Of Overall

Some more details of newspaper publisher McClatchy’s online revenues, from the conference call transcript: Online advertising revenues were up 30.1% in the first quarter of 2006 to $16.3 million…it represented 6.9% of Q1 total advertising revenues compared to 5.3% in 2005 and continues to grow.
On CareerBuilder: CEO Gary Pruitt: “I would affirm that McClatchy would prefer to remain in CareerBuilder, we are doing background work, learning more about CareerBuilder and the relationships with Tribune and Gannett. Information that we didn’t have access to, and doing due diligence on the Knight-Ridder deal. We continue that good relationship with Tribune and Gannett, but don’t know the final outcome of those conversations, expect to be able to report on that considerably in next quarter’s conference call, if not sooner.
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