Origami or OhMyGodSaveMe

Origami, the ultra mobile PC is going to change the world – or so claimed the breathless press releases, and spokespeople from Microsoft and Intel. The videos showed how seamlessly it would fit into our daily lives. Reality turned out to be something else. At a news conference in Seoul, Samsung, Intel and Microsoft introduced Samsung’s latest product, Q1, the reporters were shown proof that why Origami could be the next Windows Smart Display.

Kim Hun-soo, vice president of Samsung’s PC division first tried to start the Powerpoint presentation, which was saved in his Q1. But after introducing himself, he failed to turn to the second page while his staff nervously watched him. Kim later admitted that Q1 has three hours of battery life and two hours when watching a DVD, which is comparably short to other laptops.

Microsoft Korea’s president Yoo Jae-sung spent several minutes figuring out how to start the presentation file.

Lee Hee-sung, president of Intel Korea also failed to kick off his presentation by himself, and had to be helped by the staff.

Via Korea Times. Thank Jason