Sling TV progamming on your Mac via Windows virtualization

If you need your television fix while out and about, the two main options are the Slingbox from Sling Media and the freeware application called Orb. Personally, I’m an Orb user because I haven’t justified the roughly $200 expense for the Slingbox and there’s a few additional features that Orb provides over the Slingbox. More on that later.

Sling_on_mac_2For the "slingers" out there, you already know that Sling currently supports the Windows operating system; we’ve got a few months to go before Sling rolls out native support for the Macs. With all of the buzz over people running Windows on an Intel Mac, you just knew that someone would get their Windows-based SlingPlayer in OSX. Jim McMurry took the Parallels route and has the Slingbox working on his Mac through Windows virtualizationl, so he can sling his programming wherever he has an Internet connection. Jim outlines the hardware and software used as well as the configuration details. Nice job, Jim!

(via Zatz Not Funny)