Ultranauts interview with TabletKiosk’s Gail Levy

Eo_videoIf peering into the mind of TabletKiosk’s Director of Marketing peaks your interest, you’ll want to read this two part interview conducted by Ultranauts. In part one, we find out that Gail Levy started in the new position less than six weeks ago; right around the time when all of the UMPC buzz began. Part two shares Gail’s insights on support from Microsoft and what the UMPC competition looks like.

Considering the new marketing role Gail took on less than two months before a major platform launch, I’m quite impressed. Look around and you’ll see plenty of noise on the web around the new TabletKiosk eo that’s soon to be delivered; I’d say Gail’s doing a great job marketing the capabilities and features of the device. Video reviews abound as well and although it’s unlikely you missed it, our favorite detailed TabletKiosk eo video can be found right here. 😉