MDrive or GDrive: it’s all mobile to me

The two juggernauts are at it again. I’m talking about Google and Microsoft. Each has designs on providing near-limitless storage for your personal "digital safe-deposit box" as one source dubbed it. Want to look up your archived and scanned tax return from 1994? No problem, just get your GDrive on. How about that 15 minute video of the cat in your office that you eye-spied remotely on a web-cam? (Don’t laugh, I’ve actually done that and the cats now know to run away when the blue light comes on) Mosey on over to your MDrive. Actually, Microsoft’s storage repository appears to be the LiveDrive, which fits in nicely with Windows Live, but will confuse the hell out of shoppers looking for a Palm LifeDrive.

Regardless of who "wins" or what these services are called, there’s a common thread here in a trend that continues to grow: mobility. No longer will you have to rely on a physical filing or storage cabinet for important personal info. Forget about bookshelves stacked with paper archives or having to be in close proximity to your data. Instead, just imagine getting what you need, when you need it, wherever you need it. Removing the physical context between you and your data will be an empowering move; just like wireless connectivity was when it first started. I can hardly wait.

UPDATE: Michael Arrington suspects that Microsoft will beat Google to the punch on this.